Mission & Vision



The Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce fosters and promotes economic growth and vibrant communities through information, service, and advocacy.




The Clemson Area Chamber will lead the community in developing vibrant, year round business, educational, and leisure opportunities, resulting in unparalleled experiences for residents and visitors.


Values, Principles and Beliefs


The Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce values the following principles. These principles are the foundation for decision-making by the board of directors. In addition, these values are to be espoused by leadership for recruitment and orientation so that all new members understand and embrace the undergirding beliefs of the Chamber.


Values, initiatives and actions are:

1. Inclusiveness
2. Collaboration
3. Community-focused
4. Service-driven
5. Forward-thinking
6. Transparent and Trustworthy

Contact Us

Address: 1105 Tiger Boulevard Clemson, SC 29631PO Box: 1622, Clemson, SC 29633

Email: info@clemsonareachamber.org | Phone: 864-654-1200 | Fax: 864-654-5096

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