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clemson area chamber of commerce

About Us


The Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to creating and nurturing an environment that supports and enhances economic growth and vibrant communities. Our mission is to provide valuable information, exceptional services, and effective advocacy to our members. By fostering relationships and promoting collaboration, we strive to empower businesses and individuals to thrive and contribute to the overall prosperity of the Clemson area.


The Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce takes pride in leading the community towards the development of vibrant, year-round business, educational, and leisure opportunities. Our mission is to cultivate an environment that fosters unparalleled experiences for both residents and visitors. Through strategic partnerships, innovative initiatives, and effective advocacy, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that attracts diverse businesses and offers exceptional educational and recreational offerings. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life for all in the Clemson area and position ourselves as a premier destination for both work and play.

Values & Principles

At the Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce, our values and principles serve as the cornerstone for decision-making by our board of directors. These values guide our leadership in recruitment and orientation, ensuring that all new members fully grasp and embrace the core beliefs that underpin our Chamber. We believe in transparency, integrity, and inclusivity, and we leverage these principles to foster a collaborative and supportive environment for our members. By upholding these values, we aim to create a Chamber that is not only a valuable resource for businesses but also a community that builds trust, cultivates relationships, and empowers the success of all who are a part of it.

Values, Principles & Actions:

1. Inclusiveness
2. Collaboration
3. Community-focused
4. Service-driven
5. Forward-thinking
6. Transparent and Trustworthy

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