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Clemson Area Education

Public Schools in Clemson

The city of Clemson is a member of the School District of Pickens County which serves around 16,500 students annually and makes up the 12th largest school district in the state. Depending on place of residence, prekindergarten through 12th grade students in Clemson are likely to attend the following public schools:


  • Clemson Elementary School (prekindergarten through 5th grade)

  • RC Edwards Middle School (6th and 8th grade)

      D.W. Daniel High School (9th through 12th grade)

Higher Education Resources

Bridge to Clemson

This program offered through Tri-County Technical College provides students with academic support services to successfully transfer to Clemson University.


South Carolina Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission

Learn how to offset the cost of attending one of South Carolina’s independent colleges.



Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and learn about forms of financial assistance such as grants, loans and work-study funds.


South Carolina Can Go to College

SC CAN GO helps students and families in South Carolina pursue higher education by guiding them to valuable academic resources.


South Carolina Student Loan

This non-profit organization seeks to make higher education possible for individuals in the state. Learn about their financial assistance programs here.


South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center

SC TRAC is the one-stop shop to transferring credits by providing information for students, advisors and administrators.


Graduate School and Financial Aid

Finding the best way to pay for a graduate program can be overwhelming. This guide highlights financial opportunities available for prospective grad students.


Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and Other Tech Perks

Explore accredited schools that provide technological support for their students including free laptops and discounted software.


Financial Aid for Online Schools

Explore the various ways to pay for an online education from loans to scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.

Campus & Online Learning Opportunities

Clemson University

Founded in 1889, Clemson University serves over 21,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Southern Wesleyan University

Southern Wesleyan University lies about six miles away from Clemson and is a four-year private university with evangelical Protestant religious affiliation.


South Carolina’s Best Colleges and Universities for 2017

Students can find the school in South Carolina that meets their individual needs by comparing institutions in the state.


Distance Online Learning at Clemson University

Enroll in online learning programs at Clemson University that can be completed entirely online or through a blend of online and on-campus studies.


Online Student’s Manual for Success

Those new to the virtual classroom may experience challenges while adjusting to online learning. This guide helps students make the most of their online education by outlining steps to academic success.


South Carolina’s Online Schools & Colleges

Discover the top-ranked online colleges in the state while comparing institutions based on important factors such as cost of tuition, student population and acceptance rates.


The Cost of Online College

This guide breaks down the cost of online education and helps students know what to expect before they begin an online program.


Community Colleges with Online Learning

This guide explains why students attend online community colleges, degree timelines and the benefits of distance learning at a two-year school.

Vocational Degrees, Workforce Training & Adult Education

Adult Learning Center - Pickens County

This program helps prospective adult learners achieve their academic and professional goals by offering quality education programs designed to prepare them for career learning or higher education.


Clemson University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

A membership-based organization where adult learners of all backgrounds and academic levels can continue an education. Check out one of their 250 annual programs and connect with their community of learners.


Career Education at Tri-County Technical College

Learn about TCTC’s career-focused programs and take the first step towards a successful occupation.


Adult Learning - South Carolina Department of Education

Take the first step towards higher education by completing education requirements such as a high school diploma, the National Career Readiness certificate or the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC).


Guide to Trade and Vocational Schools

Learn about trade and vocational education and the opportunities that can come from enrolling in a career-oriented school.


Vocational & Trade Schools in South Carolina

There is a great need for workers skilled trades in South Carolina. This guide helps prospective students weigh their options and choose the right vocational, trade or career school in the state.

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