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Candidate Forum Recap: 3rd Congressional District Candidates Sound Off in Clemson

On June 6, 2024, the Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce collaborated with Oconee County and Greater Easley Chambers to host a Candidate Forum at the Clemson University Conference Center & Inn. The event, which took place from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, aimed to provide a platform for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 3 candidates to engage with the community and address pressing issues ahead of the primaries on June 11th. 

Several sponsors including Clemson University Conference Center & Inn, Duke Energy, and Blue Ridge Electric Coop allowed the Chambers to host the free event that also provided attendees with a complimentary continental breakfast. Though 7 out of 10 candidates confirmed to participate, only 4 attended the event on Thursday.  

Candidates responded to a range of pertinent questions during the forum that delved into critical topics such as immigration, retirement planning, energy needs, childcare, and higher education costs in the Third District. The structured format of the event ensured that candidates adhered to time limits and effectively addressed the issues at hand.  Moderators from the Chambers included Scott Drury (Clemson Area), Dari McBride (Oconee County), and Cindy Hopkins (Greater Easley) maintained decorum throughout. 

Key takeaways from the candidate responses included innovative proposals for industry-specific immigration plans, support for safeguarding local agriculture, uniform support for expanded nuclear while being generally skeptical of current green energy program though noting the reality of warming, and several not-so-subtle criticisms of retiring Congressman Jeff Duncan. While certain topics like Social Security did not yield clear plans from candidates, discussions on higher education costs presented a spectrum of strategies to tackle these challenges. 

The cross-chamber collaboration exemplified at the Candidate Forum serves as a strong pillar for reinvigorating public policy initiatives in the region. The event not only provided valuable insights into the candidates' positions but also underscored the community’s commitment to engaging in informed political discourse. 

For additional coverage of the forum, visit: 

Stay tuned for further updates and insights as the election season progresses. Let's continue fostering engagement, knowledge, and empowerment within our community through events like the Candidate Forum. 


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