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The 2024 Rowing Season at Lake Hartwell: A Picture-Perfect Experience in Clemson, SC

The 2024 rowing season on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, SC, held at the 12 Mile Recreation Center, was a resounding success that brought together 44 teams from institutions across the country. Over a two-month period in February and March, more than 1350 students and their coaches gathered to practice and compete on the waters of Lake Hartwell. The rowing teams not only enjoyed the picturesque beauty of the lake but also the warm hospitality of the Clemson community, making their stay a memorable and cherished experience.

Lake Hartwell proved to be a perfect location for the rowing season, with its calm waters, lush green surroundings, and stunning views. The teams had the opportunity to practice in an unparalleled natural setting that provided the perfect backdrop for their rowing endeavors. Whether gliding through the water at sunrise or enjoying the vibrant colors of a sunset row, Lake Hartwell offered an inspiring atmosphere that enhanced the rowing experience for each participant.

Community Kindness and Support

The warmth and kindness of the Clemson community played a pivotal role in making the rowing season on Lake Hartwell an unforgettable experience for the visiting teams. The teams attended several Clemson athletic events, ate, and stayed locally.

Local restaurants welcomed the teams, offering a range of delicious cuisines to fuel their athletic pursuits. Among others, several teams reported eating at the Pot Belly Deli, Palmettos Smokehouse and Oyster Bar, and The Smokin’ Pig during their stay in Clemson. 

The accommodations provided by the local hotels ensured a comfortable stay, allowing the rowers to rest and recuperate between practices. The Holiday Inn Clemson, Tru by Hilton, Lakeside Lodge, and Best Western were some of the local hotels that hosted teams this year.  

The Clemson community's genuine hospitality and support left a lasting impression on the teams, contributing to their overall enjoyment of the rowing season.

A Testimonial of Excellence

The positive feedback from coaches and participants demonstrates the immense impact of the rowing season at Lake Hartwell. Dan Harrison, a rowing coach from Harvard University, expressed his delight by stating, "This was the best year yet. We'll definitely be back." A commendation from such a prestigious institution showcases the quality and success of the event. 

Additionally, the Boston University coach, Alex Dillon, shared sentiments of loyalty, stating, "We've been coming for 30 years. We love Clemson!" These testimonials show the strong sense of trust and admiration that the rowing community has for Clemson and its hosting abilities.

Economic Boost and Local Benefits

Beyond the joy and camaraderie experienced during the rowing season, the event also brought substantial economic benefits to Clemson and the surrounding areas. The influx of visiting teams translated into increased business for local restaurants, hotels, and various other businesses. 

This welcomed boost supported the local economy, creating opportunities for growth and development. Moreover, the success of hosting the rowing season further solidifies Clemson as a premier destination for future events, attracting even more visitors and generating ongoing economic prosperity.

A Tradition of Excellence

The 2024 rowing season marked yet another chapter in the long-standing tradition of hosting rowing teams at Lake Hartwell in Clemson. The rowing community's loyalty and continuous return to Clemson year after year is a testament to the exceptional experience and outstanding facilities that the area offers. From the stunning natural beauty to the warm hospitality of the community, Clemson has become synonymous with the highest caliber of rowing events.

Rowing in Clemson represents an extraordinary achievement for the entire community. With dozens of teams from institutions nationwide, this season brought together students and their coaches for a remarkable experience on Lake Hartwell. The genuine warmth displayed by the Clemson community left a lasting impression on the rowing teams. 

The economic benefits and enduring legacy of hosting such events further solidify Clemson's reputation as a premier destination for rowing practice. As the 2024 rowing season comes to a close, the Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce celebrates not only the success of the event but also its rich tradition of excellence in the sport of rowing.

Thank you to all the teams, coaches, and community members who made the 2024 rowing season an extraordinary showcase of athleticism and community spirit in Clemson.


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