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The Taste of Pendleton: A Celebration of Community and Progress

The Tri-County Technical College's Anderson Hall Events Center buzzed with excitement on April 30, 2024, as the Taste of Pendleton featuring the State of Pendleton event brought together members of the community for an evening filled with delectable food, engaging conversations, and exciting insights into the progress and growth of the town.

A Food Extravaganza

Seventeen diverse vendors set up booths at the event, offering a tantalizing array of free food samples, beverages, and promotional materials to the around 150 attendees. From the savory delights of PF Meat Co Butchery & Market, the gourmet offerings of Wilhelmina's Kitchen, to the sweet selections of The Pendleton Candy Co there was something to satisfy every palate. The culinary showcase not only delighted taste buds but also highlighted the culinary diversity and entrepreneurial spirit present in Pendleton. 

The ambiance was enhanced by live music provided by Mojo On Max during the first hour, creating a lively and festive atmosphere that set the stage for a night of community celebration and engagement.

State of Pendleton: A Vision for Progress

As the evening progressed, Chamber President Bryan Lee took the stage to kick off the highly anticipated State of Pendleton segment of the event. Mary Bess Johnson, a respected business owner and long-time resident of Pendleton, offered an invocation, setting a tone of gratitude and unity for the upcoming presentations.

Galen DeHay, President of Tri-County Technical College, shared valuable insights into the success of TCTC and its pivotal role in making higher education more accessible to individuals in the community. Highlighting key statistics, such as TCTC enrolling the third most SC high school students one year after graduation and having the highest graduation and success rates in the SC Technical College System, DeHay emphasized the college's role in fostering economic mobility and career success for its graduates.

Subsequently, Steve Miller, the Pendleton Town Administrator, introduced Mayor Frank Crenshaw, who delivered an inspiring address outlining 20 updates on the progress and development within the Town of Pendleton over the past year. Mayor Crenshaw's speech touched on crucial initiatives, such as the cleanup of sites like Pendleton Oil Mill and Cheney Mill, as well as strategic planning discussions, new businesses entering the town, and ongoing beautification and modernization projects that are shaping Pendleton's future.

The Mayor's updates painted a vivid picture of a town on the rise, where innovation, community engagement, and progress are driving positive change and fostering a great environment for residents and businesses alike.

A Celebration of Unity and Growth

The Clemson Area Chamber threw in a surprise after the speeches by bringing back the Taste of Pendleton awards! This year, Liberty Hall Bed & Breakfast received the 2024 Business of the Year, and Brooklyn Style Pizza received the 2024 Restaurant of the Year Award. Both businesses have been working hard to provide a great experience and were celebrated for being an exceptional asset to the community. 

As the event came to a close, a sense of camaraderie and optimism filled the room, reflecting the spirit of togetherness and collaboration that defines the Pendleton community. The Taste of Pendleton event not only showcased the culinary delights and achievements of local businesses but also provided a platform for meaningful dialogue, reflection, and celebration of the town's progress.

A heartfelt thank you was extended to Pendleton, TCTC, vendors, and all attendees for their participation and support, making the event an unforgettable celebration of unity, growth, and community spirit. Here's to a bright and prosperous future for Pendleton!


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